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It's a Google Celebration!
Celebrating Celia's Birthday Millennial Style

Celia Cruz Google

In October 2013, Celia Cruz’ birthday  was honored with a specially-designed Google Doodle celebrating the Queen  of  Salsa’s life and legacy on her special day.

Google, Inc., the multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and  products, chose  the music icon, who died in 2003,to  grace their search engine’s home page today, on what would have been her 88th birthday.

“Ten years after her passing, it is incredible how ‘alive’ she still is. Her voice and image are present everywhere and her impact on culture worldwide is immeasurable”, said Nelson Albareda, CEO of Eventus. “Celia continues to bring joy and enrich the  lives of so many globally.  We are grateful to Google  for  our collaboration  in assuring that her legacy continues to reach new fans around the world.”

Cuban-born Celia Cruz was internationally recognized as the “Queen of Salsa” and during her lifetime received countless   awards   and   honors   including   three   GRAMMY® Awards,   four   Latin   GRAMMY®s,   the   Lifetime Achievement  Award  of  the  Smithsonian  Institution, among  other  accolades. In  1994,  US  President  Bill  Clinton awarded her the highest honor the country bestows upon an artist:  the National Endowment for the Arts.

Celia recorded  over  78  albums,  many  of  which  obtained  platinum  status  and  have  been  distributed  worldwide.  The Smithsonian Museum hosted an exhibit called Azúcar: The Life and Music of Celia Cruz, and in 2011, the United States Postal Service honored her invaluable contributions to the entertainment industry and international impact by placing her image on a US postage stamp as part of the Latin Music Legends Series.

“There have been many posthumous tributes to Celia in these last ten  years, but this one by Google is certainly one of the most important and far-reaching. The creation of her very own Google Doodle, an honor bestowed on a select few who have made special contributions to mankind, is a testament of her significance, not just musically, but culturally,” said Omer Pardillo-Cid, sole executor of the Celia Cruz Estate. “She would have loved it!”The Celia Cruz Estate and Eventus, the sole representative of the Celia Cruz Estate, continue to jointly develop a comprehensive global strategy to keep her legacy alive and to reach new generations with her timeless music.


¡Celia Vive!
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¡Celia Vive! An exhibition showcasing original artwork inspired by the life and career of The Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz.

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