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SONY Music Latin is Proud to Announce Its First-Ever iBook: CELIA CRUZ – The Lady, The Legend, Her Legacy


Miami, FL (October 20, 2013)– For over 50 years, Celia Cruz remained eternally young and prolific, a  pioneer of new sounds that were always brimming with the spirit of her native Cuba. From “Yerberito Moderno” to “La Guarachera,” from “Dulce Habanera” to “La Negra Tiene Tumbao,” Celia Cruz evoked the Caribbean with all of her music and shared it with the world, decade after decade.

Now, Sony Music Latin pays tribute to this innovative legend with a project that’s pioneering as well. It’s the first iBook ever released by Sony Music Latin, and the first to feature a Latin artist: Celia Cruz – The Lady, The Legend, Her Legacy.

This iBook is now available for pre-order, and will be published on October 22, one day after the 88th  anniversary of her birth. With versions in English and Spanish, Celia Cruz – The Lady, The Legend, Her Legacy takes advantage of iBook’s unique features from cover to cover. This 36-page book features an interactive timeline, interviews with her collaborators, and studio diaries. It also delights us with exclusive videos and photos, while detailing her worldwide reach.

Dedicated to her fans, this iBook remains up-to-date with live links to her social-media presence and her digitally available music. Celia Cruz – The Lady, The Legend, Her Legacy  is the perfect complement to the recent collectors’ album Celia Cruz – The Absolute Collection, which features the best songs from her over 50-year career.

Music aficionados will continue to explore and be nourished by Celia Cruz’s body of work for many decades to come. Now, with the release of Celia Cruz – The Lady, The Legend, Her Legacy, we have a beautifully crafted guide for navigating her epic story.

Celebrating the 88th anniversary of her birth, this historic book is now available for pre-order and will be published on October 22.


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