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Celia Cruz's Statue in Callao, Lima, Peru.

Celia Cruz Statue In Callao Peru


August 18th, 2017, was a historic day for the Celia Cruz Legacy Project. The town of Callao, in Lima, Peru, unveiled a commemorative statue to the Queen of Salsa, our beloved Celia.

The statue was revealed by Linda Viera Caballero, better known as ‘La India’, who was honored as well with a statue of herself .

Celia Cruz's Statue in Callao, Lima Peru

Celia’s is the first statue honoring La Gurarachera de Cuba, in Latin America, a token of appreciation and respect made possible thanks to the work and dedication of many involved. We want to thank  Juan Sotomayor García , Gerardo García , Bruno Herrera and to every Celia Fan in Peru.

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